The purpose of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal is to raise enough funds to cover 100% of the annual budget for diocesansponsored programs, ministries, and the education of our seminarians. Right now, the 2019 budget for ministries and

programs is $11.5 million. Based on our recent history, we’re expecting to raise $7.5 million towards that number. The $4.0 million “gap” is funded through parish assessments. As you may know, the diocese has two main sources of

revenue: the annual appeal and parish assessments. It’s our goal to fully fund our annual budget through the appeal so that more money stays in our parishes, while at the same time advancing the good work of the diocese.

For 2019, we’re not asking to raise your parish goals; we’re asking that you help us get more households to participate, at any level, to further the work of the Gospel in our diocese. Thank you for the work that you do in your parishes and in our greater Catholic community.


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