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  • PARISH RETREAT: MARCH 22 through MARCH 25 The Retreat is being conducted by Fr. Slawomir Murawka, SChr

    Friday, March 22
    6:00PM – Adoration & Confession
    6:30 ‐ The Stations of The Cross (English)
    7:00PM – Mass with Retreat homily (English)
    8:00 ‐ The Stations of The Cross (Polish)
    8:30PM – Mass with Retreat homily (Polish)
    Saturday, March 23
    4:00PM – Confession
    4:30PM – Mass with Retreat homily (English)
    5:30PM – Confession
    6:00PM – Mass with Retreat homily (Polish)
    Sunday, March 24
    8:30PM – Confession
    9:00AM – Mass with Retreat homily (English)
    10:30PM – Confession
    11:00AM – Mass with Retreat homily (Polish)
    Monday, March 25
    6:00PM – Adoration & Confession
    7:00PM ‐ Mass with Retreat homily (English)
    8:00PM ‐ Mass with Retreat homily (Polish)

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  • 2019 Bishop's Annual Appeal

    The purpose of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal is to raise enough funds to cover 100% of the annual budget for diocesansponsored programs, ministries, and the education of our seminarians. Right now, the 2019 budget for ministries and

    programs is $11.5 million. Based on our recent history, we’re expecting to raise $7.5 million towards that number. The $4.0 million “gap” is funded through parish assessments. As you may know, the diocese has two main sources of

    revenue: the annual appeal and parish assessments. It’s our goal to fully fund our annual budget through the appeal so that more money stays in our parishes, while at the same time advancing the good work of the diocese.

    For 2019, we’re not asking to raise your parish goals; we’re asking that you help us get more households to participate, at any level, to further the work of the Gospel in our diocese. Thank you for the work that you do in your parishes and in our greater Catholic community.


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    Every Friday during Lent from  6:00pm


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  • The Stations of The Cross Every Friday during Lent – at 6:30pm

    As early as the 4th c., Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land would walk the route that Our Lord walked as He made His way to Golgotha for our salvation. When Muslims captured Jerusalem and it became too dangerous to make this pilgrimage, Christians replicated the sites back home in Europe,  and there developed the "Stations of the Cross" devotion (also known as   "Way of the Cross," "Via Dolorosa," or "Via Crucis").  The devotion consists of meditating on 14 events -- that number being fixed in 1731 by Pope Clement XII which took place during Christ's Passion, from His being condemned to His   burial. Franciscans popularized the devotion, which was originally made outside, often along roads to shrines or churches. 



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  • Bishop's Award for Service to the Church

      Congratulation to Dr. Myrna Dartson & Anna Joy!

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  • Religious Education - First class - Sunday, September 4, 2016

    Religious Education: Marcella Savala-Hamilton

    Our CCD Program is provided every Sunday, from 10:15am to 11:00am. First class – Sunday, September 4, 2016. Please register now!

    This is an exciting time in the Catholic Church in which we are all encouraged to be people of the New Evangelization. At the recent World Youth Day in Krakow, Pope Francis challenged the youth to be disciples and bring God's message of faith and salvation to the "world". First they need to learn the message! This is the time for you to register your children for religious education so that they will learn about their faith through understanding the Mass and the Bible readings that they hear at Mass.                                                                                  

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