Z nadzieją Zmartwychwstania w Chrystusie informuję, że dnia 30 grudnia 2019 r. w Garland TX odszedł do Pana śp. Leszek NAZARKO

Uroczystości pogrzebowe śp. Leszka odbędą się 18 stycznia (sobota) w Dallas. Msza Święta w kościele pw. Piotra rozpocznie się o godz. 18:00.

Wieczny odpoczynek racz mu dać, Panie!

Leszek Julian Nazarko

b. 11 April 1939, Mosty Wielkie, PL

d. 30 December 2019, Garland, TX


  • Leszek (referred to as DziaDzia by his family) was born shortly before the war in the Polish territory of Mosty Wielkie (currently Ukraine) in 1939
  • few details are known about his early life, but shortly after the end of the war and his own father's passing he fled for Kraków with his surviving family
  • a talented musician and artist from youth, he helped support his family by playing at various clubs and bars around Kraków
  • during this time he also participated in a local theater group where he met and fell in love with a young lady named Maria Mik
  • a few years later, on 19 March 1963, the couple were married
  • an accomplished automotive mechanic, he quickly made a name for himself both at home and abroad
  • in 1968 Leszek and Maria had their first child, Maciek
  • in 1971 Leszek opens his own shop in Kraków and quickly becomes an in-demand destination for car enthusiasts in the area
  • in 1980 his second son, Tomasz, is born 
  • with tension increasing in Poland and an uncertain future the family leave for Austria
  • After the Soviet occupation and institution of martial law in Poland, they cannot return to Poland and instead plee for political asylum from the United States
  • in late 1981, with the help of a foreign aide agency, the family arrive in Amarillo, TX
  • learning English as he goes, he quickly moves up the ranks from changing oil at the Datsun shop to becoming a master mechanic at Mercedes of Amarillo
  • missing the culture and vibrance of his hometown, Leszek moves the family to Dallas where he secures a promising position with Volvo
  • in 1986 he opens his own shop, European Precision Services
  • again establishing himself as a master mechanic of European cars, demand increases and European Precision Services expands to a new location in the Oak Lawn section of Dallas in 1990
  • in 1992 Leszek becomes a citizen of the United States
  • in 2001 his first grandson Maxwell is born; in 2002 grandson Sampson is born; in 2005 granddaughter Bella is born
  • in 2007 DziaDzia retires 

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