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Our pastor, Fr. Jacek Nowak, SChr is leaving St. Peter the Apostle Church following 5 years of service. His last sermon will be September 27.

We have always observed Father Jacek as a man who  believes and lives his vows of poverty and obedience. His concern always has been about bringing others into the kingdom of Christianity and the belief in the presence of the  Lord. Thank you Father for: Always being supportive of the church programs for the Christian Community, for your willingness to the new ideas that have strengthened  and inspired the parishioners, and for the personal touches you have added to our celebrations that inspire and bring joy to all of our remembrances.

You have updated our church kitchen, added new landscaping to the church yard, improved the rectory and added a beautiful lighted Cross on the steeple of the Church, which has become  a beacon  to the neighborhood to come and worship.

Most of all we all we all will remember the Christmas snow and the sheep!!!

You will be missed by all parishioners, you have strengthened and enabled our church to  grow and become an oasis of love and inspiration to everyone in this community. Thank you Father for serving all of us  through your service and dedication .

The Finance Council 

You will also be remembered for and by:

Noella Arnold  age 4:

Remembering the inspiration and joy Father created in the church courtyard at Christmas as we all stood singing carols and drinking hot chocolate around our beautiful Creche. Snow began to fall on all of us. Father had engaged a snow making machine above the nativity. He enjoyed it as much as each of us did!!

Tyler Johnson age 18,  dedicated Alter Server:

I will miss his presence and so appreciate what he has done for me and the church community. He recognized my dedication for serving on the alter and nominated me for an alter server award , for which I receive and am so grateful! Father has always gone above and beyond for the church community, in decorating for the holiday, putting on a Passion Play every year, bringing sheep to the Creche at Christmas and joining us for breakfast on Sunday mornings in the cafeteria.

Kendall Johnson age 16, dedicated Alter server

Thank you Father for all you have done for the teens and children of our church family. I am sending you big hugs for your future endeavors. You will be missed and we want you to know how much you are appreciated.

Ed Nemec , EM:

In our EM training, Father stressed the importance of sharing the body and blood with the community His sincerity and love of the process will always be an inspiration in my service.. His training for the “Disciples” for the Passion Play will always be part of our Easter remembrance. The Dinner he held for the participant  and the washing of the feet. Such a reverent action.

Jessica Donnelli:

Father Jacek's humility keeps him from sharing his successes with others, so I will do my best to share my experience with you. I would like to express my sadness and disappointment that Fr. Jacek Nowak will no longer be assigned at St. Peter. The church is losing one of the most dedicated, holy priests in Dallas. He truly embodies the spirit of Jesus through his humility and desire to take care of his flock. 

Though he is the only priest assigned to St. Peter, he offers an hour of adoration and confession daily, followed by 7pm Mass. Countless times have I been so grateful to Father for making confession abundantly available. Of all of the parishes I have visited in the diocese, I have found St. Peter to be the most generous in its offering of the sacraments for the lay faithful. As evangelists, we can knock on doors all day long. However, if there's no Mass or confession to which to invite people or if they don't feel welcome, what fruit will it bear? This is a gift of Father's. He makes himself and the sacraments bountifully available at convenient times, and he welcomes each person as Jesus does. I have seen his Masses grow steadily in attendance, even through the pandemic. There are many, many young adults that attend his daily 7pm masses. I strongly believe St. Peter and Father Jacek's ministry to be the primary catalyst for attracting so many young people to practicing their faith ever more frequently. Also, even though he was working with a limited budget, he has worked hard to make the Mass experience even more beautiful by inviting talented musicians to share their gifts. Since his arrival, he has even added an additional Mass on Saturday to better serve the community. The sense of community is profound as well, with meals after Mass being attended by all who shared in the Mass. It's truly incredible and inviting!

In very few priests do I sense the simple, yet strong faith that Father has. As an example: upon his return from visiting the Holy Father, Fr. Jacek was beaming with joy - true internal joy, as if his spirit were still celebrating. What a gift his presence shares with all of us!

My fiancee and I attend daily Mass around the area, and we have found Father Jacek to be most humble and loving. He makes himself available to his people, and we can tell he loves every one who walks through the church doors - and even those who do not. Father Jacek is scheduled to be celebrating my upcoming wedding on October 10th. It would mean so much to us if he is able to stay, preferably at St. Peter, but even in the diocese. I firmly believe that the Diocese of Dallas is a much better, holier diocese with him here. We cannot afford to lose wonderful priests like Father Jacek, because of their simple humility and faith that is not for publicity or politics. He is the kind of priest we need in the world right now: fearless, faithful, kind and humble.


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